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What courses does Fitness Playground Academy offer?

We offer four course types: Industry Insights, a free 90-minute workshop for those considering studying fitness and wanting to know more about career options. There’s our Certified Coach, a practical Cert III & IV, which involves coaching real clients, in real gyms, under the guidance of successful professional trainers. There’s Industry Ready, a free 8-week program for certified trainers who want to boost their coaching and business skills. And we offer a 2-week Internship for those who are lucky enough to nab one.

Why would I choose Fitness Playground Academy’s Certified Coach over other Cert III & IV courses?
Is the fitness industry for me?
Do I need prior knowledge to do a Cert III?

No. Experience doing your own training obviously helps you know you’ve got an interest in fitness.

Can I do the courses online?

We do offer online education to those who can’t access the face-to-face classes, but we highly recommend face-to-face learning, since personal training is a face-to-face profession. Coaching humans helps you learn to effectively coach humans.

Will I be able to get a job at Fitness Playground after doing the courses?